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Questions when Buying a car or other vehicle

  • How do I find the car that I am looking for on the website?

    You can find the car that you are looking for by using the search engine box on Carview homepage: simply select the make/model that you are interested in and click on the “Search” button. You can also fill in the “Keywords” box if you want your search to be more specific (options, color, etc.) and to narrow down the number of results you will get.

  • How do I know that the vehicle that I am interested in is still available?

    To ensure that the vehicle that you are interested in has not been sold yet, please either contact the seller or our Customer Service department.

  • How can I make sure that the car is in good condition?

    You can first look at the pictures of the car to make sure that everything is fine and that is has been well looked after. You can then make an appointment with the seller to see and test drive the car. We would also advise you to go see the car with your own trustworthy mechanic who will be able to check the engine’s condition.

Questions if you are a Car Dealer

  • How can I upload listings to the website?

    You can ask for training and carview will be provide free training session or let us deal with the uploading of your listing to our platform.

  • Premium benefits: what benefits do I get if I set up a premium account?

    For further information about the benefits of premium membership, please feel free to contact our Customer Service department or the account manager that is usually in charge of your account.

Any Other Questions
Please send us your inquiry or please free free to contact us